Client Needs Wish List

As an organization dedicated to creating lasting change for young women, Our Friends Place relies on generous donations of goods and services to help achieve meaningful results. Not all contributions are monetary. In-kind gifts are invaluable to keeping our costs down. Whether it involves donating personal care items, gift cards or special wish list items for the houses, each item helps change a life. 

The following list includes the most needed items. Click here for our In-kind Donation Form. 

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Personal Essentials

• Ethnic hair and skin care products (Motions, Dr. Miracle, Shea Moisture - regular size bottles preferred)
• Toothpaste/toothbrushes
• Feminine hygiene products (pads)
• Degree deodorant
• Body wash (regular size bottles)
• Toilet paper

gift cards

• Wal-Mart
• Target
• Amazon
• Visa/MasterCard

special requests

• Umbrellas

Home sweet home

• Twin bed sheets in bright colors
• Twin bed blankets
• Waterproof twin bed mattress covers
• Pillows
• Bath towel sets (2 each bath, hand, washcloth)
• Laundry pods
• Paper towels


• Ramen
• Hearty soups
• Canned meats
• Crackers
• Cereal
• Rice
• Spaghetti noodles
• Pasta sauce
• Cooking oil


• Bus passes
• 16 GB Jump drives
• Single-serve cans of food, pudding, applesauce, peanut butter, and snack food items for SOAR clients