Why We Need You

Young women with histories of abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness have fought to survive. Some have bounced between endless foster homes, lived out of cars or on friends’ couches or rummaged in trashcans for food. They all lack healthy role models, families or support networks to believe in them and teach them the skills they need to live self-sufficiently.

Without intervention, these young women are at-risk for drug usage, alcoholism, chronic homelessness, poverty, domestic violence, unintended pregnancy, or sex-trafficking. Help at-risk young women by supporting Our Friends Place. We provide a safe, supportive home where all young women enroll in an educational or vocational program, hold a job, pay a portion of their earnings as rent and savings and attend weekly group sessions to learn life and job skills.


  • In the DFW area, the poverty threshold for a single adult is $12,060. Over 25% of young women ages 18-24 in the DFW area fall below that threshold.
  • Of the children aging out of foster care, one in five will become homeless after 18, only half will be employed by 24, less than 3% will earn a college degree, 71% of women will be pregnant by 21, and one in four will experience PTSD.
  • In 2011, there were 32,654 reported cases of domestic violence in the DFW area. How many went unreported?
  • Women with high school diploma earn 64% more than those without a high school diploma. Women with a bachelor’s degree earn 48% more than women with an associate’s degree.
  • As little as $250 in savings can prevent homelessness in young adults.