Perla, A Success Story

" I have freedom, knowledge, experience and a broad horizon."
-Lizzeth, Former Client, Now Independent Successful Young Woman



OUR FRIENDS PLACE is breaking the cycles of abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness.

By the time a girl reaches adolescence, no matter what trauma she is enduring, there is only a slight chance that she will receive help.  The situation is equally inadequate for young, single women with no children – the few support services available give preference to women with families.

For these at-risk girls and young women, Our Friends Place is one of only a few organizations in North Texas providing them care and support to help them end destructive behaviors and soar to success.



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2013 Ebby Award Winner: Sharan Goldstein

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Our Friends Place provides an important and unique service to the most under-served and vulnerable populations — girls and young women. Through therapeutic residential care and teaching independent living skills, at-risk girls and young women are able to experience a stable home environment. This care, which they might not otherwise receive, helps them to stabilize and teaches them the skills they need to rebuild their lives and become economically self-sufficient.


"I am now working in Biomedical Research at UT Southwestern Medical Center. I am a successful and very happy woman, who is just too excited about what life has to offer me." - Katrina


With 23% of our children living in poverty, Texas ranks 42nd

A child living in poverty is 22 times more likely to be abused

35% of all American women who are heads of their household do not have a high school diploma

97% of welfare recipients are women