Young women who experience abuse, neglect, poverty or homelessness often lack the support and tools they need to lead economically self-sufficient lives. Our Transitional Living Center (TLC) program provides single women ages 18-24, who are not pregnant or parenting, with a supportive home where they can learn the skills they need to mature into self-reliant adults.

Our TLC program emphasizes empowerment, not entitlement. We do not offer handouts, but instead guide young women along a healthy path by stressing the importance of education, career planning, financial literacy and self-reliance. Currently, Our Friends Place operates the TLC program at our historic home known as Beazley House and through our newest house called Pauline's Place. Both program sites are in Old East Dallas.


Education: All young women must enroll in an educational or vocational program, either full or part-time. For some, this may be high school, a GED program, community college or a four-year university. For others, it may be technical college, training as a hair stylist, phlebotomist or other vocations. The goal is to increase each one's skill base and livable wage potential. 

Employment: All young women must obtain and maintain employment, either full or part-time. This helps young women develop time management skills, gain interview skills, build a job history for future advancement and begin saving for their future.

Group Sessions: All young women must attend weekly group sessions, which includes a cooking class and life skills training. These trainings are facilitated by staff with volunteer assistance. Topics range from financial literacy, interview skills and goal-setting to conflict resolution, self-care and healthy relationships. The goal is to empower young women with a well-rounded skill set for healthy adult living.

Financial: All young women must pay a small percentage of their earnings as rent and maintain a savings account with an additional 10% of their earnings. This teaches budgeting, timely payment of bills and responsible saving habits. The amount paid in rent does not meet operating or program expenses of Our Friends Place, but provides a learning opportunity in which our young women learn money management and the realities of independent living while still in a safety net.

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Success looks different for each individual, but we strive for every young woman to meet our established goals each year. Our Friends Place measures success with performance-based outcomes. Our goal is to achieve a 70% success rate on each outcome each year. Below is a 10-year average of outcome results of the young women enrolled in the TLC for three months or longer.


Did not become pregnant while in the program

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Increased job-related skills

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Enrolled in an education or vocational program

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Were actively employed at least part time


Based on young women enrolled in the TLC program three months or longer

       41% decreased their debt                      

69% successfully completed or are still in the TLC program

50% increased their hourly wage                   

80% were actively employed at least part time

100% increased ability to budget

66% Increased their job-related skills              

63% enrolled in educational or vocational programs

99% did not become pregnant while in the program

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Outreach Program

Soar to Success

Our Friends Place is furthering its mission of empowering young women to break the generational cycles of abuse, neglect, homelessness and poverty by developing and implementing a new non-residential outreach program in the community at high schools, local colleges and universities, and after-school programs. The SOAR to Success program works with young women in the community to build knowledge of personal StrengthsOpportunities for growth, building Allies and resources, and developing Resiliency. The SOAR to Success program supports young women in working to grow their savings, further their education, build resources and connections, and learn necessary life skills to help them build more stable and successful futures.

In this program, we build skills around:

  • Managing Finances and Budgeting

  • Getting, Keeping and Maintaining a Job

  • Learning how to research, budget for, and obtain affordable housing

  • Physical and mental health

  • Educational opportunities and study skills

  • Building a deeper understanding of their inherent strengths and abilities

SOAR to Success intends to ensure participants are aware of:

  • Educational opportunities available to them

  • Know how to successfully progress educationally

  • Increase job related skills

  • Increase understanding and ability to reach housing stability

  • Increase financial literacy

  • Increase understanding and movement toward living a mentally and physically healthy life

  • Increasing participants' competencies needed to plan, execute, and meet long-term goals

For more information on SOAR to Success Program contact Libby Woolverton.